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Marcos Bar

Home of Sports

Here at Marco's you can catch all of the top sport available in the UK as well as the US on our large widecreen TV's. Keen to watch something? Just ask!  

Grab a Drink at Marcos

What would American-style pool be without an awesome bar serving your favourite drinks? Well, nothing. Pool and beer go together just as tea and crumpets or fish and chips do. One without the other is not quite right, most of the time. Knowing this, Marcos has put a great deal of effort into creating a bar that perfectly complements our 19-table American-style pool hall.

At the bar, you can enjoy your favourite beer with your mates as you politely discuss who won or lost that last round of eight-ball. Not a beer drinker? That's fine. Marcos' bar also includes a full selection of wines and spirits sure to satisfy any palette. We even serve oven-fresh, stone baked pizza that is sure to tantalise your taste buds and satiate your hunger.

The Atmosphere

We believe the key to any successful bar is the atmosphere it presents. At a sports bar, you want plenty of televisions showing all the matches important to local fans. If music is what you're into, you probably want a bar with a decent sized stage and a dance floor. At Marcos, it's all about American-style pool.

Our bar area offers an atmosphere that is ideal for the American pool hall setting. We have chosen a decorating theme that pays homage to the early days of Marcos while still embracing the new vibe of the current generation. LED lighting floods the space in multiple colours while the fixtures, architectural lines and exposed copper all transport you to a different time and space. There is nothing quite like it in Edinburgh.

We invite you to check out the bar at Marcos even if you are unable to book a pool table. We believe you'll find our bar to be one of the greatest places in the city to hang out with your friends on any night of the week.

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