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Marcos Facilities

Marcos Pool Hall and Pizza Bar is more than just a place to enjoy American pool. It is more than just a place to get great pizza. It is a new and exciting meeting place that combines the style and vibe of the American pool hall with great food and an awesome bar. The Demarco family has worked hard to transform the historic Grove St pool hall into a brand-new space perfect for generation Y. You'll begin to understand from the first moment you walk in the door.

The Marcos facilities are all centred around the American-style pool hall on the lowest level. Here you will find 19 regulation American pool tables bathed in multi-coloured LED lights. A modern look and feel is all around, perfectly complemented by just a hint of the past. Once you've experienced it, we believe you'll agree there's no better place than Marcos to enjoy American pool with your friends.

The Bar

On the second level, you'll find Marcos bar serving stone baked pizza, ice-cold beer, wines and spirits. Trust us when we say there is nothing like the combination of American-style pool, pizza, and beer. At the bar, you can take the time to relax between games with the rest of your party or just take in the ultra-cool atmosphere. Even if you don't play pool, the bar is still a great place to hang out.

The Mezzanine

The mezzanine area is a great place for your private parties and special events. This VIP area can be reserved for your corporate gathering, wedding, birthday celebration or any other special event by which you are looking to treat your guests to an exceptional American-style pool hall experience.

Throughout all three spaces, you'll find a consistent theme that blends the history of Marcos with a next generation American-style pool hall. The walls are tastefully decorated with memorabilia from Marcos' past, while the fixtures reflect the Marcos of the present. Moreover, no matter where you are in the building, the lighting has been perfectly designed to complete the unique atmosphere.

Whether you're a pool hall hustler from days gone by or part of the next generation of American pool players, you'll love the new Marcos Pool Hall and Pizza Bar.

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