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Delicious Stone Baked Pizza Takeaway In Edinburgh

Who Wants Delicious Stone Baked Pizza?

While world-class pool is the centre of attention at Marcos, we are certainly not ignoring the food. We want your experience to be the best one possible. Therefore, we have put together a menu of great food items anchored around traditional, stone baked pizza that we make right in our own kitchen.

What makes a stone baked pizza so good is the crispy crust that results from baking on moisture absorbent stones. Unlike using metal pizza sheets or thermal cookware, a stone baking surface absorbs moisture from the dough to allow for a more thorough and even bake – and the crispy, crunchy texture you get as a result. It is also extremely difficult to burn food when baking on stone. This helps us make sure you get the perfect pizza – every time.

In addition to our stone baked pizza, we will be offering a number of other appetizing bar foods sure to please your palate. Of course, wash it all down with any of our beverages, including a variety of beers, wines, and spirits. We want Marcos to be more than just a great American pool hall – we want it to be a place for you to get great food and drink.

Make a Night of It

At some other entertainment venues, you may not find enough good food to satisfy your hunger. So you're left going elsewhere to eat. At Marcos, we provide everything you need in one place. Book one of our 19 American-style pool tables for the evening, and you will not need to step out to get your food elsewhere. Just order one of our delicious stone-baked pizzas and join us at the bar.

Marcos is the place to be in Edinburgh for great food and great American-style pool. Come visit us with a group of friends or book our VIP mezzanine area for your next corporate gathering or party. No matter why you come to Marcos, you will not want to leave. It's that good.

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